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If you have been ripped off, mistreated, lied to, scammed, cheated, misled, over-promised, duped, delayed, ignored, abused, neglected, wronged, ill-treated, conned or bushwhacked by ALL PRO TRAILERS then we want to hear from you!!! Please click on the Feedback Form Link below and tell us what happened. We are working on a class action lawsuit and gathering information to formally present to the Attorney General of Florida. They claim to have four locations when you're placed on hold indefinitely and yet they only list two locations on their website, one in Jacksonville, FL and the other in Sanford, FL. We have also been in contact with the NTSB or National Transportation Safety Board.

We have found a consistent history of poor customer service, lack of accountability, severe lack of follow up, gross negligence and putting the public at risk by manufacturing inferior products.

If you're wondering if the owner of All Pro Trailers is taking this seriously or not, please read the email he sent below. And FYI, this is not your SEO company doing this. It is customers of yours that were under the impression that you build safe trailers and don't put the general public at risk. There are also a couple of reviews from Google of disgruntled customers.

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From: Mark Fleischer <>
AllPro Trailers <>
Sat, Apr 21, 2012 08:52:10 EDT
Re: FYI: You might want to know about this . . .


No biggey, the site has an anonymous private registration on it. We checked our Awstats and have received some traffic from this site to our main site after comparing the Quick Quote forms from our site from traffic that came from this site we have sold several trailers to people who found us from here. It may be one of marketing or SEO companies that we use may have set it up to help generate traffic to our websites. Either way it will contribute to our search engine rankings moving us up Google and Yahoo and thus sales, in the words of PT Barnum " Even bad publicity is better than no publicity.

Thanks for the heads up.

Mark Fleischer
All Pro Trailers


I ordered an 8x20 enclosed trailer 3 months ago from All-Pro trailers in Jacksonville, FL. I live in Dothan, AL. I placed the order, paid the $500.00 deposit and was told the trailer would be delivered in 4 days. Waited a week, hadn’t heard nothing. Called the office and they couldn't even find my order! That's when the red flag begin to fly. Then some lady calls me and tells me that Richard is out and he will call me when he returns. Long story short, Richard does contact me and tells me my trailer will be delivered next day. Next day I hear nothing. I call the office and Richard tells me there has been a little problem. Delivery driver had a blow out with my brand new trailer. He then explains that he is going to be late delivering because he is pulling the trailer on 3 wheels! Didn't even have a spare tire! When the driver does arrive the trailer is leaning, leaf spring U bolt literally grinding on asphalt and they want me to accept the trailer? No way!!! The trailer is unfinished, parts and bolts lying inside. Trim pieces falling off! A real piece of crap! The delivery guy was very nice, not his fault. Not an All-Pro employee. I felt bad for him. Low on funds, I offered to give him money to get back home. Handed him a $20.00 bill and he leaves on 3 wheels. I knew then I would never get my $500.00 back. After numerous attempts, Dee Dee sends an e mail telling me I did not do the right thing by them by not allowing them to get me another trailer. Therefore, she could only refund $100.00 of my $500.00! Why would I want to buy anything from them after the way they have conducted themselves? I am an honest hardworking individual that has been ripped off by the people at All-Pro trailer. They have drug this out for 3 months. They are the ones that defaulted and now trying to shift the blame to me and have ripped me off! 

Sydney W.

I bought a trailer from them several years ago when I was getting discharged from the navy and moving back to PA. The first problem I had was they did not build it correctly for what I ordered. Several things were wrong. The biggest problem I had was that when I got back to Pennsylvania I had to put a second brake axle on the trailer because for the weight capacity of the trailer. Two brake axles were required instead of the one that they installed and they knew this trailer was going to Pennsylvania. I am a weld inspector by trade and the weld quality and the workmanship of this trailer is poor to say the least. If I had the money I would get rid of this trailer and get another one.

Keith S.

I bought a new 12 ft. open landscape trailer from all pro in April of 2013. After only 1200 miles the tires were shot. They wore badly on the inside and outside tread to the point of threads showing. I put a new set of tires on from Discount Tire and had an alignment company measure the axels and they were not lined up. The toe end was off and the axels were not square on the trailer.

Virgil N.

NEVER, EVER would I recommend doing business with All Pro Trailers in Jacksonville FL! After having my trailer 3 weeks given the run around, NOT returning calls and NOT keeping me informed as well as telling me things that didn't even add up, lied to, they got upset when one of their people overheard me talking to someone in the parking lot about how they had handled things with me and the negative reviews I found on the Internet. So I get a phone call minutes later from the owner telling me to come get my trailer they didn't like me talking about their company in the parking lot. I responded I would shortly and thank you. Well as I turn onto Main Street they had pulled my 5 horse with living quarters trailer outside their fenced area and left it on the side of the road on a couple of boards..... Oh did I tell u the electric jack was what they were trying to repair so NO jack to get it on my trailer. I asked All Pro r u going to use the forklift to put trailer on truck the owner said no. So here I am on the side of Main Street with my broken jack sitting in a wooden box and no way to get trailer on truck!!!!!! My husband out of town...... Thank you Mark Sattler and Robert McDowell for coming to my rescue, good friends are priceless!!!! After about an hour of working with two jacks finally someone came out with a forklift and said "we'll I guess I'll help u the rest of the way......... REALLY. This how u conduct a business? If u want more detail just ask, this is just a summary. Here are some pics of my things left on the side of the road (trailer & electric jack)

Pat B.

Poor welding, poor paint, they are all about the $$$$!!! Low price, Cheap trailers, Workmanship poor, You will be sorry like am...

Louis M.

Google Reviews

Jonny ‎ - Apr 12, 2012
I bought a trailer from these guys and paid big money to have it customized. I guess they don't understand english - they did a horrible job on the welding and gave it to me unfinished. I tried to take it to them to fix the problems and they tried to charge me additional. They have no brains! I will pay a few dollars more for better quality next time. 
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful. 
Description: ‎ - Mar 19, 2012

We purchased a used All Pro 2-car bumper pull trailer from a private owner. We e-mailed All Pro regarding the absolute maximum carrying capacity of this trailer. They indicated "if the trailer was previously used commercially it may have already met its load and stress life". Never heard this before. The trailer is rated at 14000 lbs. GVR, and we have already bent the ramps on it (very light duty ramps). Now, they do not slide back into the trailer all the way. Also, the ramps are NOT adjustable to different widths, so it is very tricky loading a full size truck or van. Went to service the brakes and discovered that the axles (or the brake assemblies) were installed backwards. Lastly, we have not seen anyone, commercially or individually, that posts as many Craigslist ads as this company does. There are literally hundreds of posts for All Pro trailers all over Florida and South Georgia (maybe further) daily! Certainly spamming by anyone's definition. It is impossible to look for a trailer on CL without hitting dozens of All Pro ads (a blatant violation of Craigslist rules). Not professional by any means.
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